Evolved and sweetened new versions are LIVE!

Here comes some good news about our shiny apps ;)

You can always download/install from; https://market.android.com/developer?pub=WareNinja

FotoLIcKE has evolved into being “FotoFeed for Facebook photos” and completely changed into sweeter and smoother shape!

FotoFeed v1.2.0_23Feb11 change log
– (new) App name and icon evolved into FotoFeed – browse sweetly ;)
– (new) UI completely changed!
– (new) Compliance with Android UI guidelines
– (new) added FotoFeed to Main screen!
– (new) comment and posting to Facebook is customizable by the user
– (new) Gallery style foto browsing experience
– (minor) icons + dialog views
– (minor) bugfixes + cleanup

AppMain DashboardFoto browser


MayorMonster followed its twin bro and went live afterwards.

MayorMonster v1.2.0_25Feb11 changelog
– (new) UI completely changed! Looks like candy now ;)
– (new) Compliant with Android UI guidelines
– (new) AutoCheckin history view: display all auto-checkins done by MayorMonster
– (minor) added icons + dialog views
– (minor) bugfixes + cleanup