MayorMonster for SociaLocation

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MayorMonster is LIVE on Android market!

Mayor Monster

Mayor Monster

Social places is ‘where’ we have the best fun! You want to share your place and be more social.
Monsters will do checkins on Foursquare and take over all mayorships for you! You can even use Facebook places and Ninja style checkin to any venue you like!

Browse venues, checkins, auto-checkin history, add venues to your list, customize the service and wait for Monsters to take over venues for you…
You can easily browse your checkin history, add any venue to your list, customize the service and wait for Monsters to take over venues for you…

MayorMonster is fully integrated with Foursquare & Facebook places!

You can download by searching for “wareninja” or “mayor monster” on Android market & Amazon appstore
Android market kullanarak “wareninja” veya “mayormonster” diye aratin eglenceye katilin….
Uygulama Türkce dil desteklemektedir ;)

Here is our playgrounds on Android market!
-> Android market:

-> Amazon Android appstore:

Current LIVE version -> v2.0.1_01mar13

Key features:

  • Foursquare places / checkin
  • Facebook places / checkin
  • AutoCheckin by Monsters

How It Works?

Here is some information about Mayor Monster and its action modes.

You can enable, disable, customize using Settings menu. (enable/disable publishing, modes, etc etc)
Shout message can be customized as you like (enable/disable, or change the content).

Mayor Monster supports 2(two) modes and both can work in parallel independently.

-> Monsters Mode:

You can add venues from your checkin list as much as you want, this will be added to Monsters list.
As soon as you enable MonstersMode, background agent starts observing your location then compares wiht the Venues from Monsters List. IF you are close enough (<=500meters) to this venue, Auto-Checkin happens. In this mode, all venues are selected and controlled only by the user.

Example: I did select 3 hours and enabled Monsters mode.
Agent wakes up every 3 hours, gets my current location, loads Venues from Monsters list, compares each venue to my current location.
IF (currentLocation-venueLocation <=500meters) -> do auto-checkin!

-> LocationSpy Mode:

For this mode, you do NOT need to add any venues, just enabling this mode is enough.

As soon as you enable LocationSpy mode, background agent starts observing your location.
IF your location changes for more than 400meters, agent checks all Venues from MyCheckins list, compares each venue to your current location and does auto-checkin IF you are close enough (<=200meters) to this venue.

Example: I did select 30mins of LocationSpy mode.
Agent wakes up every 30mins, checks my current and last location,
IF (currentLocation-lastLocation <=400meters)
then check venues from MyCheckins list, compare to my current location
IF (currentLocation-venueLocation <=200meters) -> do auto-checkin!

User can set venue proximity using Settings view. E.g. you can make it 200 meters etc

MayorMonster releases:

v2.0.1 is LIVE by 01-03-2013

v1.4.3 is LIVE by 22-02-2013

v1.4.2 is LIVE by 24-12-2011

v1.4.0 is LIVE by 10-08-2011

v1.3.2 is LIVE by 16-03-2011

v1.3.1 is LIVE by 13-03-2011

v1.2.0 is LIVE by 25-02-2011

v1.1.0 is LIVE by 09-02-2011

v1.0.7 is LIVE by 05-02-2011

v1.0.6 is LIVE by 25-01-2011

v1.0.4 is LIVE by 20-01-2011

v1.0.1 is LIVE by 17-01-2011

Here are some screenshots of v1.3.x

26 responses to “MayorMonster for SociaLocation

  1. The timestamps for the AutoCheckins are ahead by 6 hours and I don’t see anything in the settings that will allow me to adjust the time zone. I’m wondering if this is just a one-off incident or are there others with the same problem. Other than that the app works like it should.

  2. @Leo: thanks for your comment.
    Actually, MayorMonster is not doing any timezone specific action, it just uses UTC as main reference (UTC is used by Foursquare and Facebook).
    In which timezone you are using the client?

    @Enrique: working on a major new version, will try to add your feature req (message per venue) too ;)

  3. Dear admin, For the next version, could you add the option to define our own check in time as opposed to the minimum of 15 minutes and 1 hour?

  4. It would be grate if there were possibility to activate different chekhin modes by schedule. I.e. activating checkin monster after 10 a.m. and deactivate it after 12 p.m. Schedules could combine. Thanks for the app!)

  5. Just published v140 which solves the changes on Foursquare API…
    Enjoy and feel free to update your ratings if you like so.
    thanks again for your comments and contributions

  6. Is there way to edit what is in the Auto-checkin list? I don’t want it to check me into my work and the market across the street at the same time!

  7. @Wend_j: you can remove items from Auto-Checkin list by clicking on each item. hope this helps resolving your request.
    Not picking mayorships, dunno the reason honestly. MayorMonster executes checkins thru 4square API calls, the mayorship management is done completely by Foursquare.

  8. I like this app i lov rapid checkins but now it cant because foursquare checkins dissapears all and if i refresh nothing show up maybe i usually change my os to rooting os why this happen can go back like first time thks

  9. Just installed on droid (1) and can not log into add my foursquare credentials to the app. Facebook adds just fine just need 4square. Thanks

  10. With the latest v142, I’m unable to add my existing foursquare profile. :( It goes through the OAuth procedure but the account in mayor monster is never added.

  11. Is there a way to disable the Foursquare check-ins from posting on Facebook? I cant seem to disable it. Here are my settings:

    MayorMonster app is only linked to my Foursquare account.

    Foursquare is set to not post on Facebook by default. When I check-in directly from the Foursquare app, it does not post to Facebook. When MayorMonster does a Foursquare auto check-in, it posts the Foursquare check-in on Facebook.

  12. It has been a long time, I’ve been busy with my daily jobs and other projects (……
    Alright, I went thru all comments and feedbacks, big thanks to everyone!
    I just began working on re-creating MayorMonster into shiny new form!
    Clearly, it requires renovation and lots fixes for the compliance with the new Foursquare API..! if you have any specific feature request, feel free to drop me an email:

    the Incognito Ninja!

  13. good news!
    I’ve just published v143_22feb13 as interim release for bugfixes (including foursquare login bug!).
    p.s. Expect major new release to be live very soon!

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