#Foursquare #Facebook #Gowalla, … what comes next?

#Foursquare #Facebook #Gowalla, … what comes next #LOCO..!?

Check this post for heads up -> http://wp.me/p1hJzh-2s

…Let me give one more hint about LOCO, here comes a nice description I really like;
“VOID: the things that are present thru their absence…”
Yeah, LOCO will bring on VOID state to this playground..!

Keep an eye on this blog and you better subscribe on http://loco.wareninja.net ;-)


New App: CheckIn NINJA! is LIVE… :-)

Here comes yet another shiny NEW Android app… CheckInNINJA!

LIVE by today (27Mar11) on both Android market & Amazon AppStore.

CheckInNINJA! is fully integrated with Foursquare, Facebook and Gowalla!

You can download by searching for ‘wareninja’ on Android market & Amazon AppStore.

Android market -> https://market.android.com/developer?pub=WareNinja
Amazon appstore -> http://b.wareninja.net/ninjacheckin-amazon

App page -> http://CheckInNINJA.wareninja.net

Key features;

  • Multiple social accounts
  • FACEBOOK places!
  • FOURSQUARE venues!
  • GOWALLA spots!
  • Map display for nearby venues
  • do NINJA style checkin!

CheckInNINJA AppIcon

Mayor Monster NINJA! is LIVE… :-)


After so much crunching, finally happily it is LIVE!
this version is shiny glory rock’n roll major new one ;-)

Key features:

  • Foursquare places / checkin
  • Facebook places / checkin
  • Ninja style checkin
  • Map based venue browsing
  • AutoCheckin by Monsters

You can download by searching for ‘wareninja’ or checking these links
-> https://market.android.com/developer?pub=WareNinja

-> http://b.wareninja.net/mayormonster-amazon

Here is the news;

From this version on, Mayor Monster will have two versions;

FREE version’s limitations;
– can do only ONE Facebook checkin (using NINJA checkin menu) per day!
– can add only ONE Facebook place to Monsters list!

buy the UNLOCKED version (exclusive for Amazon Android AppStore only!) to enjoy all features!
this also contributes to us in developing more and better apps! ;-)

p.s. there will be some local promotions for Turkish market, but FREE-UNLOCKED grouping will continue!

Evolved and sweetened new versions are LIVE!

Here comes some good news about our shiny apps ;)

You can always download/install from; https://market.android.com/developer?pub=WareNinja

FotoLIcKE has evolved into being “FotoFeed for Facebook photos” and completely changed into sweeter and smoother shape!

FotoFeed v1.2.0_23Feb11 change log
– (new) App name and icon evolved into FotoFeed – browse sweetly ;)
– (new) UI completely changed!
– (new) Compliance with Android UI guidelines
– (new) added FotoFeed to Main screen!
– (new) comment and posting to Facebook is customizable by the user
– (new) Gallery style foto browsing experience
– (minor) icons + dialog views
– (minor) bugfixes + cleanup

AppMain DashboardFoto browser


MayorMonster followed its twin bro and went live afterwards.

MayorMonster v1.2.0_25Feb11 changelog
– (new) UI completely changed! Looks like candy now ;)
– (new) Compliant with Android UI guidelines
– (new) AutoCheckin history view: display all auto-checkins done by MayorMonster
– (minor) added icons + dialog views
– (minor) bugfixes + cleanup

Just released new version for MayorMonster! :-)

Here comes yet another shiny glory rock’n roll major new version!

v1.1.0_09Feb11 release notes:Release notes v1.1.0_09Feb11
– (new) AutoCheckin history view: display all auto-checkins done by MayorMonster
– (new) added select proximity option to Settings view
– (new) network state checker: informs user in case your phone is out of network coverage
– (minor-fix) proximity calculation was not precise sometimes
– (minor) added icons + dialog views
– (minor) bugfixes + cleanup

You can download&install this version by searching for ‘wareninja’ or ‘mayor monster’ on Android market!
-> https://market.android.com/developer?pub=WareNinja

For app related news, keep an eye on www.WareNinja.net