#Foursquare #Facebook #Gowalla, … what comes next?

#Foursquare #Facebook #Gowalla, … what comes next #LOCO..!?

Check this post for heads up -> http://wp.me/p1hJzh-2s

…Let me give one more hint about LOCO, here comes a nice description I really like;
“VOID: the things that are present thru their absence…”
Yeah, LOCO will bring on VOID state to this playground..!

Keep an eye on this blog and you better subscribe on http://loco.wareninja.net ;-)


Just released major new version for FotoLIcKE! :-)

FotoLIcKE is the apple of my eye, reason for that is being my first Android app. Therefore, I want to keep taking care of it,
while releasing more apps :-)

Here comes shiny glory rock’n roll major new version!

v1.1.0_08Feb11 release notes:
– (new) LIcKE + Foto browsing view completely renewed!
– (new) Gallery style foto browsing experience
– (new) Adapted to different screen sizes
– (new) Browsing Fotos also from Facebook Feed
– (minor) added icons + dialog views
– (minor) bugfixes + cleanup

You can download&install this version by searching for ‘wareninja’ or ‘fotolicke’ on Android market!
-> https://market.android.com/developer?pub=WareNinja

For app related news, keep an eye on www.WareNinja.net